I Won’t Apologize for How I Am Moving Forward with My Grief

My Conversation with Nicole Davis from the Still Won’t Apologize Podcast

Nicole Davis, the host of Still Won’t Apologize, and I sat down and when over many of Grief Ally’s lessons, one by one. This episode is PACKED, and I am not exaggerating – PACKED, full of wisdom that you can apply to your grief support role. You are going to LOVE it.

Still Won’t Apologize, formerly known as Unlikely to Apologize, is a Podcast by Nicole Davis. If you’re looking for an unfiltered platform where women have the opportunity to share their stories, then you have come to the right place.  Each episode will provide a raw look into life and a place that recognizes that perfect does not exist.  I hope to remind and empower women to always be unapologetically themselves.  There are no apologies needed when you live from an authentic place.

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