Pragmatic Alchemy: Grief Aversion in Western Culture and How to be a Grief Ally

How to Be a Grief Ally on the Pragmatic Alchemy Podcast

I was invited to be a guest on the Pragmatic Alchemy Podcast hosted by Courtney Edwards. The Pragmatic Alchemy podcast blends concepts of positive psychology and mindfulness with experts’ insights to anyone seeking a better understanding of life’s problems and how to move through them. Guided meditation, lessons in psychology, and guest perspectives align in answering the big questions of today.

In this episode Courtney and I talk about the origins of my book Grief Ally and the practical ways one can support a loved one through grief. We got a bit philosophical and discuss the failings of Western conceptualizations around grief and loss and the ways this results in further isolation for those experiencing grief. We explore the Kubler-Ross Five Stages of Grief model and I shared my insights about the emotions tied to grief.

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