My book, Grief Ally,

is now available everywhere.

Grief Ally is the first book focused exclusively on teaching people how to support their loved ones through the long haul of grief. 

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Hi, I’m Aly. I’m a coach, author, therapist-in-training, and a widow. My beloved’s death changed everything about me and my life. So much so, that I had to do something about how we treat the bereaved. So I defined Grief Allyship and wrote a book to teach people how to show up and support their grieving loved ones. I’d love to tell you more about me. 


Grief Ally is the only grief book written specifically for the support networks of the bereaved, the people who are asking “what do I do?” and “how do I help?” when someone’s life ends. As the first resource of its kind, Grief Ally will help anyone to climb up the learning curve of grief support faster than has ever been possible.


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Unexpected Loss and Unprepared Grief: Finding Hope in Hospice with Aly Bird

Unexpected Loss and Unprepared Grief: Finding Hope in Hospice with Aly Bird

We live in a culture that encourages us to numb discomfort and find quick solutions to our problems. However, grief defies these norms. It is a complex and ever-evolving experience that cannot simply be “gotten over.” When faced with an unexpected loss, we find ourselves unprepared for the tumultuous journey of grief and uncertain about its duration. In such times, seeking assistance and support from hospice becomes invaluable, as they can guide us in navigating and coping with grief in a healthy way. It is natural for us to feel like we’re more capable of managing our grief early on, but we must not undermine our grief by denying ourselves the support and solace that hospice bereavement services can offer. In this episode, Aly Bird talks more about grief and the tools you need to navigate through grief positively to transform your perspective and empower yourself with greater agency and comfort.

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