How to Help a Grieving Friend: A Free Skill-Building Workshop with Palcare

How to Help a Grieving Loved One:
A Skill-Building Workshop for People who (will) care for the Bereaved.

After the ceremonies are complete and the chaos has calmed, how do you show up for someone through the long haul of grief?

Date: November 21, 2023

Time: 1:30-4 pm EST


On November 21, 2023, I will be facilitating this free workshop for PalCare, a non-medical hospice palliative care education provider. This workshop will teach friends, family members, and professional helpers alike, lessons that are imperative to the survival of the bereaved and their success in the role of supporter.


In this workshop you will learn: 

The three things that every supporter needs to give the bereaved,

How to not say the wrong thing,

How to recover when mistakes are made, 

and much more. 


Participants will need a way to take notes (paper, pen, or word doc) during the workshop.

As a participant, you will be expected to: 

To have your camera on for the duration of the workshop 

Have the courage to ask questions when you have them

Have respect and compassion for all other participants 


If you have any questions about this workshop, do not reach out to

Download the PALCARE – Aly Bird Grieving Online Course Flyer to share with your network




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